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When visualizing a 3D scene like a DMU (Digital Mock-Up) or something else, it’s not always easy to find the right position to see what you want. That’s why in our software, we define two mode:

  • Trackball mode, activated with the ‘magnet’ button
  • Free flight mode, selected by pushing the ‘flight’ button

Trackball mode is mostly used when we want to examine a manufactured product of medium size. In this mode the camera targets a fix point. Use the wheel (or swipe down and up two fingers if you have a trackpad) to zoom in and out, right clic to rotate the product (actually that’s the camera which moves around) and the left click to move the object (in reality to slide the camera).

The Free flight is perfect to navigate inside a huge product (like a cruise ship, a building or an A380). This mode works exactly as if we were inside a FPS game like Quake. Use the keys up and down to move forward and backward, the keys left and right to strafe and ‘R’ and ‘F’ to go up and down. At last, use the mouse, keep the right click pressed, to rotate the camera on the selected point.

Don’t hesitate to test it on our public cloud with user ‘demo’ and password ‘demo’. Once logged select ‘Bike’ product then check the main part on the left.


  1. Randy

    It doesn’t look like the Bike is still in the vault.

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