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Real-time product design review on the web

We have just implemented a great new functionality that allows to perform real-time product design review on the web.
Basically it works like a screen sharing application but in reality it is much more than this.
The feature is highly scalable, can easily manage room with several people and obviously is developed only with web technologies and hence no plugin installation is required. Moreover the module offers all the security we can expect: the meeting attendees will never see parts which they are not allowed to see.

The video below (raw material recorded on a phone) demonstrates the functionality. The computer on the right initiates the meeting room and invites the user connected on the other PC:

Chat and video calling


Collaboration is essential for most enterprise software. One of the keywords of DocDokuPLM is “social”. Hence, we implemented a chat and video/audio calling feature that allows to quickly contact the author of a document or the person who modified a part design.
Obviously no Skype, no plugin is needed, only a modern web browser!

Try it :