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How DocDokuPLM is contributing to precision agriculture

Intelligence, a legal entity of Airbus Defence and Space division, asked DocDoku to realize the new generation of its web portal dedicated to precision agriculture and crops management.

All season long, this service provides reliable and exploitable information by farmers. Combining satellite imagery with drones, aircraft and agronomic expertise, these recommendations transcribe the real needs of the plants on plot scale in the form of documents, including text, tables and graphs of values, as well as agricultural plots cards.

Furthermore they permit to bring the proper imputs quantity in the right place at the right time. These recommendations are delivered to service subscribers through the web portal.

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Case study: Improve the quality management inside an industrial company


Mia electric designs and builds only electric vehicles made totally in France. Based in Cerizay in the Deux Sevres the Company provides emission free mobility at an affordable price, accessible to all, to respond to the realities of Urban and suburban transport needs and the ever higher price of fossil fuels.


In 2010 the construction plant was entirely re-equipped, the team reinforced to reach 16 designers and an R&D department of no less than 80 engineers. The Production capacity is now 12,000 vehicles per year – 1200 per month. Obviously all of this should conform to the most demanding aspects of current legislation with certification to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.
To raise such challenges a robust PLM solution was needed.


We deployed DocDokuPLM on a tailored high availability and secure private cloud infrastructure. We also developed some small extensions that permitted the car maker to successfully passed crucial certifications.