Name Type Description Notes
author String Part author name [optional]
authorLogin String Part author login [optional]
_number String Part number [optional]
name String Part name [optional]
version String Part version [optional]
iteration Number Part iteration [optional]
description String Part description [optional]
standardPart Boolean Standard part flag [optional]
assembly Boolean Assembly flag [optional]
substitute Boolean Substitute flag [optional]
partUsageLinkId String Component usage link id [optional]
partUsageLinkReferenceDescription String Component usage link description [optional]
components [ComponentDTO] List of children components [optional]
amount Number Amount of component [optional]
unit String Unit for amount [optional]
attributes [InstanceAttributeDTO] List of part iteration attributes [optional]
checkOutUser UserDTO Check out user if any [optional]
checkOutDate Date Check out date if any [optional]
released Boolean Released flag [optional]
obsolete Boolean Obsolete flag [optional]
optional Boolean Optional flag [optional]
lastIterationNumber Number Last part iteration number [optional]
accessDeny Boolean Denied access flag [optional]
substituteIds [String] Available substitutes list [optional]
notifications [ModificationNotificationDTO] Hooked modifications notifications [optional]
hasPathData Boolean Contains structure path data flag [optional]
path String Component path in context [optional]
virtual Boolean [optional]