Airbus Defence and Space – Intelligence

Airbus Defence and Space – Intelligence

Intelligence is a legal entity of Airbus Defence and Space division (Airbus Group).
Its mission is to permit smarter decision-making thanks to a premium product offering and unique services derived from satellite imagery.


Intelligence called in DocDoku to realize the new generation of its web portal dedicated to precision agriculture and crops management.
All season long, this service provides reliable and exploitable information by farmers. Combining satellite imagery with drones, aircraft and agronomic expertise, these recommendations transcribe the real needs of the plants on plot scale in the form of documents, including text, tables and graphs of values, as well as agricultural plots cards. Furthermore they permit to bring the proper imputs quantity in the right place at the right time. These recommendations are delivered to service subscribers through the web portal.

An another major goal of this project, but not least, was to build a real business repository, which is exposed and usable by others IS applications.


Ergonomics and performance
Our many and various IS experiences in web / mobile development allow us to remain at the cutting edge of cross-platform and web technologies.
So we particularly take care of « User Experience » because we know that it’s really important for its adoption by final users (c.f. screenshots below).

Scalability and robustness
In order to comply with these challenges, we based the new web portal development on our digital open source platform DocDokuPLM.
Last digital technologies state of art based, our platform indeed meets scalability and robustness requirements of a such key project, as well as it can do it for our industrials customers already in production.

An open, secure and upgradable business backbone
In order to build an open but secure business backbone, usable by others internal SI ou external parts, we relied on the open architecture of our digital platform with many opportunities for integration in an extended IS.
DocDokuPLM is a real extensible PaaS for our customers’s business. So we could reuse and integrate a lot of our software components thanks to our many interfaces, i.e. our REST Web Services API or our both Java / Javascript SDK.

So by leverage our existing platform already in production, the project benefits both open software architecture and robust and reliable features, which significantly decrease the risk of such a digital project.