As the amount of data tends to grow exponentially, the need for an effective search function appears to beĀ essential.

DocDokuPLM internal storage relies on 3 different systems:

The first one is used for hosting the binary data, i.e the files. It could take the form of a regular file system, a NFS mounted folder or whatever other networked file-sharing protocol as long as it is recognized by the OS.

The relational database is where the structured information is stored.
DocDokuPLM supports the most popular databases of the market : Oracle, SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL…
The platform exposes a versatile service upon which the users can build their own queries easily:

The last storage system that DocDokuPLM makes use is an Elasticsearch cluster.
Not operated as a primary datastore, ES provides interesting features, beside those offered by the database, like fuzzy searches or sophisticated rating mechanism which performs quite well when digging into thousands of technical documents or parts.